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Video conversation with Henry Abbott on TRUEHOOP of ESPN, TRUEHOOP TV and the photo gallery.

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“Those of us who have tested gravity under a hoop know its mystical properties. Robin Layton, as I would have expected, has turned this staple of Americana into a gorgeous art form.”
— george vecsey, sports columnist, the new york times
“You should lace ‘em up before opening the book, because you’ll be eager to play after you do.”
— rebecca lobo, espn
“Robin Layton brings us a beautiful, pebble-grained planet—basketball in all its settings, from schoolyard to barnyard to graveyard. A gorgeous book.”
— steve rushin, sports illustrated
“This book provides such inspiration. With just a ball and hoop you are on your way to fulfilling your dreams. Robin Layton illustrates the magic and purity of our game with her amazing photos.”
— gary payton, basketball hall of famer

hoop: the american dream

hoop: the american dream ® is a loving look at America’s own beautiful game at its most elemental level: the basketball hoop. Renowned photojournalist Robin Layton gives a breathtaking view of the weathered dreams, fading memories and future glories hanging from solitary backboards around the country. This book puts into our hands the provenance of our game.

Basketball is deeply ingrained in our childhood, our play, in our culture and dreams. Rich or poor, unknown or famous, rent or own, we love the game of basketball.

From urban playgrounds to small-town alleyways and windswept barnyards, basketball has become a universal American experience and a worldwide cultural touchstone. Robin’s photographs capture that shared community, as well as the diversity and astonishing beauty surrounding this simple iron ring. Through images of hoops — some mundane and abandoned, others celebrated — she reveals their mesmerizing artistry.